Harris & Company Landscape Warranty


Walks and Patios


Harris and Company will warranty all labor and materials of stone and paver walkways and patios for life-unheard of in the hardscape industry!


  • A representative from Harris and Company must inspect the project yearly to ensure the space has been properly maintained by the client.
  • All pavers must be professionally sealed every 3-5 years to protect finish of pavers, and stability of polymeric sand

Walls-Block and Stone

Lifetime warranty on stone and block

10 year warranty on labor


1 year warranty on all plant material and labor as long as customer has professionally installed automated sprinkler system with zones specifically for those plantings.


1 year warranty on sod lawns as long as sod is watered by a professionally installed automated sprinkler system and Harris & Company maintains lawn for that 1 year (mowing and all fertilizer treatments)