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Landscaper | Is grass really greener on the other side? It could be if you aren’t caring for your lawn correctly. Lawn care can seem frustrating to some if issues like burnt spots and dullness occur often. Well, luckily, we’ve made maintaining your lawn simple with 3 tips. Read below to learn how to maintain a greener lawn.

Landscaper in Bellingham MA

What kind of soil do you have?

There are a lot of factors involved with a green lawn. But, you can always start with learning about the soil. Different soil types require unique watering methods. For example, soil with high clay content requires short and frequent watering. So, take a soil test with a test kit from your local garden supply store. Or, you can do a professional soil test that may be a bit pricey but will give you the most information about your lawn.

Water the lawn.

Once you’ve learned about your soil, water it. There are different irrigation products and systems in the market. Some may be better depending the lawn size, amount of water and watering frequency needed. Smaller or medium sized lawns could benefit from a hose-end sprinkler. Larger lawns may need an in-g

round sprinkler system. Be sure to choose lower angle heads to avoid wasting water due to evaporation. There are more products available even timers! An irrigation timer is very beneficial because you set it and forget it, which is great for busier folks.

Adjust water frequency in shaded areas.

Ever notice that some areas grow better? It could be a difference of sun exposure. So, remember to adjust the watering in the shaded areas. For example, if the grass is shaded by larger plants like trees, watering needs to be increased. While, areas near structures need less watering.

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